Boots on and up the mountain we go! The best thing about hiking is you can plan a route that suits you.

Enjoy 700 kilometres of hiking trails in Davos and the surrounding area. Here you’ll find fragrant Alpine meadows, crystal-clear mountain lakes and stunning panoramas.

Trail Crew – trail maintenance par excellence

The Davos Trail Crew (Shaper and BAW-Werkhof team) are out making sure the trails are always perfect for you from mid-May to mid-October. They maintain every trail at least twice a year, and frequently used trails more often. Did you know that the Trail Crew don’t just help prevent erosion and damage to the landscape? They also build bridges and fords, deal with landslides and install stiles. While doing their important work, the Trail Crew are always chatting to farmers, landowners, mountain railway staff and, of course, bikers and hikers – which means they always know exactly where there’s room for improvement.

Trail running

Why run on tarmac when you can do it in the great outdoors? Trail running is THE new running trend for those who love nature. That’s the focus of this sport – perfect, because there’s more than enough of it to go around in Davos.

Views, altitude training, and a bracing Alpine atmosphere: the benefits of trail running are undeniable. Pack your running shoes, a light windbreaker and a light rucksack if you need it!

Themed trails

Trail running tours

The best routes

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Kids’ hiking trails

Your little one not a big hiker? That doesn’t mean you have to go without hiking fun! Davos Klosters offers stunning hiking and walking trails that are suitable for tiny feet and pushchairs, too.

Geocaching – fun not just for families

Geocaching is all about tracking down a hideout (or ‘cache’) using a map, a compass and/or a GPS receiver. Coded instructions and precise coordinates that other players have uploaded to websites are the only things to help you on your way.
In Davos Klosters, adventurers will find seven tricky geocaches: