About us

We are a holiday resort with Serviced Apartments and Private Houses and are located in the recreation area of ​​Davos. The generous Solaria Area is owned by our family and is managed by us and our team with lots of heart blood. We are personal, reliable and honest; in a friendly and attentive atmosphere. All our accommodation possibilities - whether apartments or private houses - are arranged by us personally with a lot of criteria, practically down to the detail. Furnishing is comfortable and comfortable is enjoyment! We also pay special attention to the exterior in our holiday resort. Where in winter the snowy peaks, which invite to climb and caves build, invite in the summer playground and barbecue place. The colorful flowers stand in wonderful color contrast to the bright blue sky.

With our services, we would like to underline the special time that you will enjoy with us. Make your own individual arrangements. We thank you for your trust and look forward to getting to know you.