Our Team

Personally and quickly we find solutions for your needs. What we promise, we also keep - according to our family motto: "Promised is promised and will not be broken!" We are curious and quality conscious, interested in how you want to spend your time, what you have experienced. We also love our Davos mountains, our beautiful landscape. Would you like to get a special tip? We would be pleased to advise you at our reception.

  • Stephan Huber
    Stephan Huber
    Owner and host of passion and joy
    Personal encounters and discussions are always a great enrichment for me.
  • Beatrice Mueller
    Béatrice Müller Huber
    Owner and Hostess
    Your needs are my needs - I always have an open ear.
    I carry the Solaria in my head and in my heart - my thoughts turn very often and very gladly around "you as a guest".
  • Remo Loher
    Remo Loher
    at the front desk for all your questions
    I love the winter. As an enthusiastic freerider, I know pretty much all the "slopes" between heaven and earth in Davos. I prefer to move away from the big paths and enjoy the kick of the first downhill run ...
  • Mirjana Popovic
    Mirjana Savic
    our lively Lady at the Rezeption
    I love to be in contact with "my" guests and I am a family person for 100%.
  • Miroslav Gavrilovic
    Miroslav Gavrilovic
    in the service of maintenance on the road in the Solaria
    Suckling pigs from the grill, fresh mushrooms from the surrounding area - for this I gladly take ample time. I like to spend my free time with the family - of course, preferably as a grandpa ...
    For my sporty fitness I use my bike whenever possible and in the Solaria I am always moving!
  • 0034
    Petra Vrabec
    Insider tips are her speciality
    I know "everyone" and "everything" in Davos and am happy to pass on my tips at reception. As an enthusiastic golfer I can be found outside in nature especially in summer and I run my kilometres on the golf course.
  • Mario Pinheiro Silva
    Mario Pinheiro Silva
    Allrounder and up for any joke
    If I wasn't an Allrounder in Solaria, I would be a comedian on stage.
    I never miss an opportunity to lighten up the "serious side of things"! As an Allrounder, I know all the "secrets" of our resort and like to be there when things are "on fire".
    My leisure time belongs entirely to my family and my new hobby: cross-country skiing.
  • Andreia Sofia Pais
    Andreia Sofia Pais
    not only cleaning, but nurturing and cherishing as well
    As a family woman with 3 small children, the work at home goes on straightaway. If I can go for a walk in nature with our dog, my batteries will recharge again.
  • 0043
    Luisa da Silva
    As agile and fit as a weasel
    I make the apartments shine. I'm in top form when I'm baking delicious cakes and portuguese specialities.
  • 0044
    Vita Scarafino
    Everything is possible with italian flair
    After work I like to devote myself to my "schnapps distillery". My homemade "Limoncello, Arancino" always puts you in a holiday mood.