We stand for that

Solaria Serviced Apartments.

Sunny area, relaxed atmosphere - more holidays.

We stand for a relaxing holiday in a spacious holiday home

  • We are an apartment complex with Serviced Apartments.
  • We are at the heart of the recreation area of Davos and offer our guests a climate of relaxation, peace and easy contact.
  • Our generous complex with a lot of green is absolutely quiet and child-friendly. The apartments as a lot of sunshine at any time of the year.

We are a company with a family atmosphere

  • The Solaria apartment complex is owned by our family and is managed by our team with a lot of heart blood.
  • On the ground, reliable, honest, clear - what is important in the family is also important for the stay of our guests
  • As a family, we know that serenity helps - even if it goes under and over.

We offer guests individual amenities

  • We offer our guests practical and detailed Apartments and Private Holiday Homes.
  • A variety of services allow each guest to feel comfortable in their individual way.
  • Personally and attentively we are there for the individual guest wishes.
  • We maintain an open and friendly atmosphere and look forward to when our guests return.
  • We stand for a real offer with a good cost / benefit ratio for our guests.

We constantly improve our quality

  • Our guests can rely on us to offer them exactly what we promise on our website and in our brochures.
  • Everyone in our team is open and attentive and we help to find solutions for the needs of our guests.
  • We take suggestions and complaints as an opportunity to improve and treat them systematically and quickly.
  • We are curious and quality conscious. This is why we are constantly improving our Holiday Complex and Services.

Collaborate with the Solaria team

  • Not only the guests, but also the staff feel the family atmosphere in our company.
  • We expect a high level of commitment, interest and joy from our employees to make the most of our guests' unbeatable vacation.
  • As a Solaria employee, we are all "ambassadors" for the Solaria holiday settlement and know that our behavior in the workplace and in private is a key factor in the image of the Solaria holiday settlement.
  • All Solaria employees are open and attentive, help each other and find solutions every day to meet guests' wishes. Own initiative belongs to it.
  • The interactions are collegial and appreciative, independent of position and mother tongue.
  • For the guest, the friendly and personal style of the staff is an indispensable holiday experience.
  • In our manageable family business, employees are also able to develop further: to learn from a technical point of view and, depending on the inclination, to take on more and new tasks.
  • As a family business, we are used to addressing individual needs of our employees. We enable our employees to coordinate their own professional interests and their private life situation in a well-organized environment.

We are committed to Davos

  • Our apartment complex is part of the varied tourist offer in Davos. The healthy economic development of Davos also has a major impact on our success. That is why we, as a Davos family business, are committed for an attractive destination Davos Klosters.
  • We are committed to the formation of opinions, are networked locally and maintain a well-being together, especially with the tourist partners. We are involved in Davos events.
  • Our products are supplied by suppliers from the region whenever possible.
  • The Davos population should know what our facility stands for.

​​We act forward-looking

  • As a family business, we can react uncomplicatedly and make quick decisions. However, we are always pursuing the long-term healthy tourism development of our facility.
  • We use and manage our facility so that the Solaria remains a living place of work - for our family and for people who have their food point in Davos.
  • With care and awareness in everyday life, we help to protect the environment. For acquisitions and structural improvements we pay attention to longevity and economical consumption of resources.