Modernization of Girasole I

Our Girasole I holiday apartment building will be completely refurbished and modernised from mid-March to the end of December 2023.

The Girasole I building is quite outdated, so we want to completely refurbish it – both inside and out. We are very conscious of sustainability and environmental protection in relation to the upcoming refurbishment and will be making full use of all options when it comes to sustainable refurbishment and modernisation work.

The roof and facade will of course be refurbished to make them energy-efficient, the oil heating will be replaced by an environmentally-friendly geothermal probe and the interiors will have all necessary and important changes and updates made to bring them up to today’s standard of modern living. The big new south-facing window facade will guarantee plenty of natural light for the living spaces. The ‘like-new’ building will be completed with larger south-facing balconies that invite you to sunbathe with a dreamy view of the stunning Davos mountains.

There is one BUT – and this is always the case with refurbishments – the noise.
There may be some noise while the refurbishment work is under way. We will of course be sticking to the working hours prescribed by building law. 

Before you book, please feel free to contact our reception. We are always happy to help.
We apologise in advance for the noise and look forward to being able to offer you even better holidays in our modernised holiday apartments.

Warm regards,

Your host

PS All furniture, fitted kitchens, windows, doors and door frames, radiators and sanitary facilities will be carefully dismantled and specially transported from Davos to Ukraine. All these items will be reused, which is something we’re really happy about!